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Golden Glow Coal Burners - 26kW Boiler

For coal
Size of heated surface m2 280
Slow combustion h 170
Hopper capacity kg 105
Other parameters
Max. water temperature oC 90
Max. water pressure MPa 0,15
Required chimney draught Pa 20
Minimum chimney section cm2 225
Weight kg 450
Power supply V 230
Power consumption W 74
Width mm 1170
Depth mm 890
Depth with exhaust gas pipe mm 1090
Height mm 1280
Exhaust gas pipe section (inner size) mm 188x188
Exhaust gas pipe section (external size) mm 192x192
Distance from exhaust gas pipe lower edge to the floor mm 1020
Outlet and inlet diameter inch G 3/2
Dimensions of the combustion chamber
Height cm 50
Width cm 39
Depth cm 35