Swilly Fuels home heating oil, road and agricultural diesel

(086) 243 1973 free O2 to O2
(087) 229 6444 free Vodafone to Vodafone
email: sales@swillyfuels.ie
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    Heating Oil, Road Diesel and Agicultural Diesel in Gleneely delivered by Swilly Fuels

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      We've used several online ordering systems for our oil, Swilly Fuels is so easy and so safe to use.

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    Swilly Fuels already delivers to the following areas of Gleneely:


    To order your fuel today just click on Order Online in the top menu and select your required oil, derv or agricultural diesel and the amount you need - alternatively ring the office on 086 2431973 remember to quote "WEB" so we can prioritise your order!